Here are some, only some, of the great feedback we've been getting about Snappy Words. Why not send yours and we will post it here.

...and as a former Chicagoan, I always like to see cool stuff that comes from Chicago. Wishing you much success. Bryna

Its very good, also easy to access, i want to be very perfect in grammar. Anonymous

Thanx, for such a innovative idea to make in action, usually all dictionaries also provide the output as desired from them but a visual approach like this is great. Kumar

Awesome site, but it does not work on my iPad. Any chance you will support the iPad sometime in the near future? Even better would be an iPad app! Especially one that would run off line and update the database whenever a connection was available. Jim

wow. how ergonomical. interactive. i'm quite impressed. sent here by 'link page' of Wiki. reminds me of socialogies interlinking circles, yet more 3-D. Anonymous

This is an awesome website..thanks Anonymous

This is the best program out there. I use it every day. I love the word detail for finding just the right word to get your message across. I have a hand-held Roget's Thesaurus for use with words I misspell... I must have it to compliment your program, otherwise your program would be of little use in finding words I can not spell. Don

Fantastic! I am thrilled with this dictionary. That too you have made it available to all. Great work! Edward

AMAZING!!! Who did this? What a huge piece of work. Anonymous

My sixth grade students LOVE LOVE LOVE this software. It really motivates them to explore word meaning and find the correct meaning for the context. I think it does a much better job at showing relationships between words than a typical dictionary. Just sent the link to all my fellow teachers. Anonymous

Helllooooo......!!!!!!!! I like this site...very attractive n usefull.... Anonymous

Hi there snappy words. your application is wonderfull. I just looked for Switzerland, and found "Sempatch". As I come from there I must inform you, that it is spelled incorrectly - Sempach would be the correct name. Maeve

Congrats, a tool like this has been my fantasy for years. I am a mind map fan. Anonymous

Its very good, also easy to access, i want to be very perfect in grammar. Rashmi